Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise is a project about secrets that are promised to be kept. As humans, we create a facade we portray to people even though we have secrets or promises that we keep to ourselves. Sometimes, we trust in people to keep our sacred secrets but sometimes, that promise is broken. This project lets you in on an experience with how easily promises can be broken. 

‘Do you promise to keep it a secret?’ is the first question prompted before going through the images in which you do promise. In one look, the 8 photos in the folder appear beautiful, but within them are truly heartbreaking stories and secrets that are based on submissions that strangers have shared. Curiosity kills the cat.

A picture has to be taken of each print with flash, which will then reveal a secret. Thus, promises are broken in a flash.

*This project was showcased at -ING Festival 2017 in Dubai, UAE.